Taking Stock of your situation

'Tactics for tight times' is a program that connects with farmers and brings together resources and practical advice that meets the needs of each region. It is delivered through the industry’s Regional Development Programs using a range of providers, and working with the wider industry to make sure farmers have the opportunity to access the information and support they need to make decisions on farm.

The focus is on understanding the options that dairy farmers have, the tactics they can use and the decisions they need to make. Activities will include workshops, discussion groups and farm walks, for example, and will give practical information and advice that dairy farmers can adopt immediately to help manage finances, pastures, feeding, animal health, water and the people in your farm business.

Taking Stock sessions are available to Gippsland Dairy Farmers. These sessions involve a 3-4hr 1:1 session with a whole farm consultant, on farm, free of charge. If you’re interested in a Taking Stock session, please call GippsDairy on 5624 3900 or email executiveassistant@gippsdairy.com.au