Tactics for Tight Times

Dairy Australia and Regional Development Programs (RDPs) are working to collaborate with the wider dairy industry to deliver a coordinated and effective industry response to the seasonal and market conditions being experienced in most regions.

The Tactics for Tight Times (TFTT) program will build on the seasonal response effort to date and bring forward the delivery of Dairy Australia programs and information to provide clear and consistent messages, information, tools and resources to help farmers to make key decisions on farms.

 TFTT is focused on all farmers to help them:

  • understand the factors that will influence their overall position
  • have a longer term focus on developing resilient farm systems, people and processes
  • access resources, tactics and support to manage seasonal and milk price uncertainty

Dates and locations for workshops and on-farm activities are being confirmed and will be promoted to farmers in the coming weeks. Information about what’s on will be provided on RDP websites, while tools and resources are available at Dairy Australia - Tactics for Tight Times.

Get involved in Tactics for Tight Times in your region by connecting with your Regional Development Program


Neil Lane from Dairy Australia talking about milk pricing and income estimates.


Phil Shannon discusses grazing management.


Chris Hibburt contributes his thoughts and practical advice to Dairy Australia's 'Tactics for Tight Times' video series.


Steve Little discusses feed management and Dairy Australia's new Feed Budgeting Tool.


Tactics for Tight Times