National All Dairy Breeds Youth Camp

National All Dairy Breeds Youth Camp students. The National All Dairy Breeds Youth Camp is a program aimed at post-secondary participants. The five-day program aims to support young people as they develop their interest in the dairy industry. The National All Breeds Youth Camp began in 1992. The philosophy behind the Camp is to encourage young people from all backgrounds to foster their interest in the dairy cow and the dairy industry.

The Camp Committee consists of young volunteers, many of whom are past Camp participants.

Throughout the five days of the Camp, participants will cover such topics as breeding, nutrition, communication, showmanship and judging skills.
Sessions involve farm walks, activities and the famous “Mystery Tour”. Students also participate in a variety of Team events. Participants have the opportunity to care for a heifer calf throughout the week. They are involved in the daily feeding, watering and monitoring of the heifer as well as preparing it for Exhibition Day. Previous participants describe this opportunity as an important feature of the Camp. Heifers are supplied.

The recommended ages are from 16 to 20 years. Participants from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Visit the Dairy Australia website for more information.